The MJM Experience

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Our Story

Founded in 2020, our founder observed multiple retail and consumer goods giants waste both time and money on what is well known as ‘Band-Aid Solutions’. He discerned the widespread trend of many businesses, from small to large, primarily focusing on finding solutions for today to the detriment of tomorrow's success.

Never having observed a program, plan or solution for a step-by-step holistic approach to shifting the Sales and Service culture within an organisation, the MJM brand and consulting formula was BORN!

Our founder, Matthew James Mansour, has over a decade of experience along with a wealth of knowledge absorbed over many years of mentorship from other great minds and business leaders.
With our unique approach to the ‘art of sales’, our founder designed a unique formula of Sales Techniques that can be seamlessly integrated into any business.
Matthew is dedicated to achieving a high standard of results without compromising integrity and the company values whilst delivering an exceptional experience to our partners.

Along Matthew's journey, he came to realise that not all would be fortunate enough to work for an organisation that invests in its people. This is why Matthew and his team created the MJM Mindset Masterclass. A structured online program to guide, support and help individuals get started in their Personal Development journey towards becoming the BEST version of themselves.

Our Values


Always Be Honest

Free of deceit; truthful and sincere. We value those who are honest with us, as we are with all our stakeholders, partners and clients.

Remain Coachable

It is very easy when in a leadership/mentorship position to forget that you too must remain coachable and a student of all things at all times. We hold this at our core and ensure the leaders we help develop carry this with them also.

Stand With Integrity

If you do not stand for something, you will fall for anything. So decide for yourself, free of influence, what you stand for and remain unshakeable in your morals.

Speed Beats Slack

Speed Beats Slack. In every situation where an upper hand could have been obtained, speed was the key to beating the competition.

Build Trust

The framework of all great empires is built on trust. Trust in people. Trust in their abilities. Trust in their Leadership.

Give Respect

We believe respect can only be obtained when giving respect.

Accountability for All

Accountability partners. We all need them. A partner that keeps us on track with the goals we set and the actions we commit to. MJM would like to extend our hand in being your accountability partner and you, ours.

Our Vision

To create a community of World Class leaders that
advocate Personal Development and Self-Mastery,
while also recognising the importance of
encouraging their friends, loved ones and colleagues
to begin their own journey of becoming the BEST
version of themselves



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