Real Business Coaching and Strategy Consulting


Ripping Off the 'Band-Aid' Solutions and Performing Real Business Coaching and Strategy Consulting

Temporary Fixes vs Real Business Coaching & Strategy Consulting

Now before jumping to any conclusion, temporary solutions most definitely have their place when business coaching.

Due to the ever-changing nature of life, the economy and business over the past several years, temporary fixes and “band-aid” solutions were merited in supporting businesses through challenging times.

Such times are not what we’re referring to. We’re discussing the difference between real business coaching and business strategy consulting services versus the quick fix to deeper-rooted legacy challenges that remain in your business.


The MJM Business Consulting Formula

A large part of the reason MJM Business Consulting is here today was due to the founder working for several medium to large enterprises and never having observed a program, strategy, or solution for a step-by-step holistic approach to shifting the Sales and Service culture within an organisation.

When it comes to business coaching and business strategy consulting, business owners and those in decision-maker roles within their organisation must appreciate that although through our consulting services we can provide temporary solutions, our success and business coaching and consulting formula requires time to penetrate your business.

Legacy Issues Meet Temporary Solutions

For us to successfully develop your growth strategy we work closely with our clients to establish their larger vision.

The business strategy consulting process is tailor-made depending on the areas of opportunity for your business.

We pride ourselves on the hyper-personalised service we provide, and we know that you will appreciate dealing with not just another consulting business.

One of the reasons why these temporary solutions are not ideal in combatting legacy issues that exist in an organisation (prepare yourself for this) is due to team members knowing that they will outlast the temporary fix.


Short Term vs Long Term Business Coaching Success

It is observed by the people in your business that an investment in a new direction, a new vision and a new culture has not been made.

Do not misunderstand. The law of reaping and sowing applies. You sow a temporary solution, and therefore you reap temporary successes.

You will see a boost in performance, attitude, and customer satisfaction. The question is, for how long will it last? A month? A quarter? Long enough to get you through to a new fiscal year?

All of this depends on how severe the course correction required for your organisation really is.

Our complimentary 30-minute blueprint session is designed for just that.

We will ask you the right questions to determine the business strategy and other consulting services your organisation could take advantage of.


Our Business Coaching & Consulting Services

To remain true to our mission of providing holistic solutions to our clients we offer the following consulting services:

Consulting Services

  • Business Strategy
  • Sales Model Design/Redesign
  • Operations Process Development
  • Culture Change Management
  • Recruitment & Onboarding Process Development
  • Organisational Professional Development
  • Marketing Support
  • Web Development
  • SEO Optimisation
  • Personal Development Coaching

Recruitment & Onboarding Services

  • Scribing Services
  • Recruitment Process
  • Design Onboarding
  • Process Design
  • Behavioural Assessment Support


MJM Business Consulting - Invested in Your Success

It is through identifying with you, the areas of opportunity for your business to then provide real business coaching and consulting.

At MJM Business Consulting services, we designed our business model and consulting formula in a way that enables us to build strong relationships with our clients and insert ourselves within your business to then offer advice and solutions based on an intimate understanding of your business and operation.

Your investment in our consulting services returns our investment in your success and business growth.

Never taking on more active clients than we can handle our promise to our clients is to provide hyper-personalised expertise that is invested in your success at the same level you are.

As a result, it is time to put aside the quick fixes and get in touch with our team to begin your business strategy consultation and your MJM Experience.



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