Recruitment & Onboarding Process Development

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Scribing Services

A helping hand in creating documents, policies and procedures.

We believe in a holistic approach with our consulting services. This is why we support our clients in achieving long-term success with the addition of scribing services.

With our intimate knowledge of your business and the culture, you aim to achieve we will build unique position descriptions to ensure a higher calibre of applicants to streamline the shortlisting process.

For support regarding your overall recruitment process see the Recruitment Process Design Tab.

Our scribing services also extend to HR-related policy and procedure documents.

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Recruitment Process Design

Culture starts at the top. Attitude starts with recruitment.

From developing the job advert, through to final interviews we will work with you to develop your unique recruitment process based on years of knowledge and experience in coupling ideal applicants to dynamic roles and growing businesses.

Our methodology is based on duplicability and scalability to ensure a smooth transition and handover to your internal team.

As always, should our clients require additional support we can alleviate the pressures of the recruitment process and deliver you, shortlisted candidates.

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Onboarding Process Design

Ensuring that your newly recruited team members are given the very best opportunity for success.

As part of our philosophy, we believe in holistic solutions to guarantee longer-term success.

In addition to developing your recruitment process, we achieve this goal by working with you to build a unique onboarding process tailored to your business, culture, and products/services.

We take this opportunity to instil cultural qualities and behaviours while providing them with the information necessary to complete their role to a high degree.

We encourage all onboarding processes designed for our clients to incorporate our fundamental personal and professional development modules. From our studies and experience, when these modules are ingrained within a business’ core, challenges such as staff retention, job satisfaction and team loyalty are decreased significantly.

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Behavioural Assessment Support

The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.

It is very common for people to misinterpret what behavioural assessments are all about.

At the end of that day, the goal is to understand behavioural traits and preferred communication styles and methods.

There is no right or wrong, purely an exercise to determine whether a particular candidate is best suited to a particular role. There may be an instance where two candidates are qualified for the same role, however, upon conducting a behavioural assessment you learn that one candidate has more dominant analytical traits which would serve as an advantage in that role.

Our behavioural assessments extend from recruitment through to existing team members. During corporate retreats, development days and so on, we have utilised these behavioural assessments to improve communication between heads of departments and general team members. By understanding how people wish to be communicated with, we improve company culture, job satisfaction and team loyalty.

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