Top 3 Recommendations when Searching for a Business Consulting Company


Top 3 Recommendations when Searching for a Business Consulting Company

When Considering External Support

When first establishing MJM Business Consulting we observed many small and medium-sized business owners sharing a common theme of hesitation when searching for support in their business.

Despite wanting and in many cases needing additional support from an external consulting company, they remained hesitant to allow others into their business.

Rightly so when having worked so arduously to reach their level of success.

At MJM Business Consulting, we designed our business model and consulting formula in a way that enables us to build strong, bespoke relationships with our clients, and insert ourselves within your business to then offer advice and solutions founded on an intimate understanding of your business and operation.


Business Consulting Scorecard

Your investment in our consulting services returns our investment in your success and business growth.

Never taking on more active clients than we can handle our promise to our clients is to provide hyper-personalised expertise that is invested in your success.

Today, we share with you the top 3 recommendations for business owners and leaders to utilise when searching for the right business consulting company that can support your goals.

The order does not give any item priority over another, this checklist is best used as a holistic scorecard when finding the right consulting company for your business as we believe each is just as important as the other.


Checklist Item #1 - The right consulting company

What are the Values of the consulting company, and do they align with yours? – One of the most crucial questions a business owner or leader can ask themselves when searching for the right consulting company for them is, “do they care about the same things I do?”.

It is a very valid question, and we would encourage you to align yourself with a consulting firm that shares similar values to your business.

At MJM Business Consulting we are dedicated to achieving a high standard of results without compromising integrity and our company values whilst delivering an exceptional experience to our partners and stakeholders.

Two values and their meaning to specially highlight would be Integrity and Accountability.

We believe one should ‘Stand With Integrity’ - If you do not stand for something, you will fall for anything. So, decide for yourself, free of influence, what you stand for and remain unshakeable in your morals.

Additionally, we believe in ‘Accountability for All’ - Accountability partners. We all need them. A partner that keeps up on track with the goals we set and the actions we commit to. MJM would like to extend our hand in being your accountability partner and you, ours.


Checklist Item #2 - The right consulting company

What consulting services does the consulting company provide and can they offer you a holistic solution? – The next recommendation to look for is the consulting services provided by the consulting company in question.

Are they a ‘one trick pony’ or can they offer you a complete solution via a suite of services?

The benefit of this is that you may be unaware of other areas of opportunity that exist within your business.

Having an experienced business consulting firm that is proficient in a full suite of consulting services can help you identify these opportunities and provide methods of tackling them in conjunction with other services.

Additional benefits also come into play as your business grows and achieves more milestones.

Rather than trialling and erroring your way through multiple marketing businesses, web developers and recruitment firms you can rely on the consulting firm that has intimate knowledge and understanding of your team and business saving more time and money.

MJM Business Consulting believes in sustainable success. One of the ways we achieve this is by providing comprehensive solutions.

Our ability to take a young business, build its business strategy, design its sales process, build operations procedures, and provide recruitment solutions plus marketing support and website development is an extraordinary benefit.


Checklist Item #3 - The right consulting company

What is their unique selling point? Or are they just another business consulting firm? – Our final recommendation for when you’re searching for the right business consulting firm for you, is whether they have anything different about them.

We suggest you search for the elements that make that business consulting firm truly unique.

Something that separates them from others and proves that they are not just another business consulting firm.

Here at MJM Business Consulting, we take our explanation of our company value ‘Integrity’ to heart.

hat is, if you do not stand for something you will fall for anything.

sking what the firm you’re considering truly stands for is highly suggested.

Across our website, we run a theme of ‘not just’…

…not just another business consultant
…not just another recruiter
…not just another hype
…not just another personal-development course
…not just another talker without the walk

And regarding our clients

…not just another number


Checklist Item #3 - continued...

The reason we are not just like any other is due to what inhabits MJM Business Consulting at its core… and that is personal development.

Deep in the veins of MJM Business Consulting is our vision to create a community of World Class leaders that advocate Personal Development and Self-Mastery while also recognising the importance of encouraging their friends, loved ones and colleagues to begin their own journey of becoming the BEST version of themselves.

We see business owners, business leaders, and consulting agencies overlook the fact that it is not the business alone that is successful. It is attributed to the people, the real-life human beings that day in and day out support your business and your dreams.

What makes MJM Business Consulting truly different is our incorporation of both the personal and professional development of yourself and your team throughout our consulting services and holistic solutions.

We aspire to engage with as many leaders of the business world and the teams they lead as possible.

To help them discover a higher level of self-awareness and provide the helping hand needed to guide individuals on their steps toward increasing their market value.



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