Your Personal Development Journey Begins With YOU!


Your Personal Development Journey Begins With YOU!

Not just business consultants

To create a community of World Class leaders that advocate Personal Development and Self-Mastery while also recognising the importance of encouraging their friends, loved ones and colleagues to begin their journey of becoming the BEST version of themselves.

This is Our Vision at MJM Business Consulting and has helped us form the foundations of what the business is today.

We are not a typical business consulting company or a regular consultant.

At MJM Business Consulting we are firm believers that the cornerstone of any great organisation comes down to the people and culture.

For organisations to cultivate positive work culture an emphasis and incorporation of personal development are crucial.


MJM Business Consulting is Invested in YOU!

Unfortunately, the reality is that not everyone will work for a wonderful company that supports this philosophy or personal development in general.

This is why MJM Business Consulting has invested in creating a Masterclass for individuals to tap into life-changing content and begin their own journey of personal development.

Consisting of more than a dozen modules, weekly check-ins, one-on-one sessions with our founder and so much more, we have dedicated ourselves to providing all the tools necessary for anyone that is ready and willing to begin their personal development journey to do so.

And this is what we will be discussing today. You may be reading this as somebody that has already started their personal development journey and is looking to help others (which we love) or perhaps you are an individual seeking more… more insight, more guidance, more happiness, more everything!


The Law of Sowing and Reaping

We can assure you that along your personal development journey you will attain the above and more all at the right time.

If you have made it this far, we can almost guarantee that you are headed to a more fulfilling life as the decision to begin can only be made by you.

Nobody can force you to study personal development and unless you are ready and willing the impact and longevity of your commitment will be compromised.

That is not an invitation or excuse to stop or quit your journey because just as you have the power to begin this journey, you have the ability to take advantage of one of the most powerful universal laws we have.

It is the law of sowing and reaping. We teach this universal law and many others within our Masterclasses, but we thought it best to highlight this one especially.


Mindset and Mental Health - Personal Development

The reason being is that it works both positively and negatively… if you sow good, you reap good… and if you sow bad, you reap bad.

We only have ourselves to look at when things in our lives are not the way we want them to be.

The great news is that it also works in the positive, so if you start planting good seeds in your mind each day instead of getting stuck in a ‘scroll hole’, you will eventually reap the positive rewards of doing so.

There is more to the law of sowing and reaping, for example. Picture a glass of clean drinking water. Able to see through one side of the glass through to the other without hindrance, effect or distortion.

Now imagine topping off the class with dirty creek water. Although the glass was majority full of clean drinking water it is now murky, dark, and has pieces floating throughout and is no longer healthy for consumption.

And if you were to attempt to look through the glass you would do so with great difficulty.

Our mindset and mental health operate very similarly to this concept. Our minds will look through the glass when processing thoughts.


What could Personal Development do for your glass?

Now if your glass is dirty and full of creek critters from what you sowed, you will reap negative thoughts and in turn have negative outcomes in your life.

Alternatively, should you have a pristine glass of water from the positivity you sow into your life, you will consequently reap positive thoughts and outcomes in your life.

The big kicker is, just by topping off the glass with a little creek water you ruin an entire glass of good drinking water.

To rid your glass of this murkiness of negative content (via the news, social media, television, and radio) you have consumed you will need to hold the glass under a tap of clean drinking water and continue to overflow the glass.

What you will then notice is how long it takes to rid the glass of all the murkiness and return to clean drinking water.

The ability to replenish your glass with clean water is a demonstration of one’s personal development.

Some of you reading along may have heard this before and for others, it may be the first time this concept has been introduced to you.

If so, we encourage you to try it out for yourself and then invite family and/or friends to view the experiment with you while explaining the concept above.

Also, perhaps use a few drops of food colouring for health and convenience’s sake.


Start your Personal Development Journey with MJM Business Consulting

Fun kitchen experiments aside, what this should be telling you is that you are in control of what you sow in your life. That is what personal development is all about.

Sure, at times you may not be able to control what you sow in a negative way, and at times what you reap may not be the desired outcome, what you can control though, is how you react to those outcomes and the positive you still CHOOSE to put back into your glass despite what is going on around you.

We would love to keep pouring positivity into your daily life and become a part of your routine so if you would like to join a community of others on the same journey of becoming the BEST versions of themselves, we encourage you to explore our Mindset Masterclass program.

Where we will provide you with all the tools necessary to begin your journey of personal development.



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